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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Jan 14 18:24:44 EST 2023

On 1/14/23 1:55 AM, Geoff Canyon via use-livecode wrote:
> This doesn't solve the puzzle, but: use a stack property to store the value
> instead?

The value is entered correctly and displays after I dismiss the error dialog. I have finally 
found where the issue is, but I don't know why it happens. The normal sequence is pretty simple:

1. Enter a search term and hit the return key on the virtual keyboard. This triggers the 
inputReturnKey message.

2. InputReturnKey calls handler doSearch, which looks up the definition, populates a browser 
widget on card 2, and goes to card 2.

What is happening is that inputReturnKey is being sent twice. The first time it works as 
expected, but the second time we are already on card 2 and the controls on card 1 are no longer 
available. Ergo, I get the "no such object" error. I found this by inserting "checkCd the 
params" at the beginning of doSearch. CheckCd does this:

on checkCd pParams -- track inputReturnKey error
   put pParams &cr&cr into tData -- the calling handler params
   put the executionContexts after tData
   answer tData
end checkCd

...and I got two dialogs in a row. I could see card 2 behind the second one, which was a debug 
errorDialog instead of an answer dialog.

So the burning question is why does a single tap on the return key send two duplicate 
inputReturnKey messages, and why does that happen only in a built standalone?

Maybe I won't embarrass myself if I enter a bug report now.

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