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Its far more than a search engine. It can edit copy, write articles and analyse multiple inputs for similarities and differences and a lot more. Like all such new technologies this is going to be here to stay. So its not a case of trying not to train it in order to preserve programmer jobs. There will be plenty left for a human to do in building an app, we are just going to get more productive as this gets better. What is important is ensuring that LiveCode, which is supported already, is not left behind and that you can generate LiveCode code at the same standard as other languages. At present its coding abilities in any language are interesting but a bit ropy, lets ensure that as it gets better as it inevitably will, its LiveCode skills improve too.

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ChatGPT has been called a search engine without the search engine.
I would tend to agree with that. It seems to find bits and pieces of code
or articles that others have written before and tries to put them together.
It uses a text typing output mode to give it the appearance of an
intelligence/person typing at the keyboard, but that is part of the illusion.

ChatGPT claims that it isn’t connected to the internet, but it is, or it wouldn’t
be able to respond to your questions over the internet. The database
that it accesses for answers is however compartmentalized, as far as
we have been told.

If by some miracle we were able to train it to be super intelligent at
writing computer code, do we as programmers really want to shoot
ourselves in the foot by giving it the tools to replace our talent?
That’s food for thought. Just because something may be technologically
possible, doesn’t mean we should necessarily do that thing.

Just my two cents.

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> yesterday was not a good session for me. all responses were irrelevant, and
> sometimes seemed random.
> we'll see what we find, the next time.

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