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> Dear List Members and LiveCode Gurus,
> We're looking for your help. I should start with a warning though: this
> chatGPT is addictive, you might lose a few hours of your life. But you will
> have fun doing it :)
> Our idea is that the chatGPT to be found here:
> is a truly great way for beginners and even more advanced LiveCoders to
> get into LiveCode, learn scripting and get common scripts pre-written. It
> could be an immensely powerful tool in bringing LiveCode to a wider
> audience. (In case you haven't already wasted hours of your life playing
> with it, you can ask it to write a LiveCode script for any specific task,
> and it will take its best shot, with very passable results).
> Unfortunately, at the moment it has a tendency to make schoolboy (or
> should I say schoolbot?) errors. It gets the script mostly right but there
> will be issues that a beginner would not know how to correct. We would love
> it if the community could help it learn to write beautiful, correct,
> LiveCode. To do this, it needs feedback. We asked it how to give feedback
> and this is what it suggests:
> There are a few ways you can provide feedback on ChatGPT:
>         • You can submit feedback through the OpenAI website by navigating
> to the “Contact Us” page and selecting “Model Feedback” as the topic.
>         • You can also provide feedback on the OpenAI GPT-3 forum, where
> users can share their experiences, ask questions, and provide suggestions
> for improving the model.
>         • You could also contact the openai team to share more detailed
> feedback and suggestions
> In any case, clear and detailed feedback is helpful in understanding the
> problem and improve the model.
> Just telling it what it got wrong we think isn't the right way to go, it
> will only correct it for that particular session. We need to rat on it in
> to its teachers so that it can be trained correctly.
> So, if you are up for the challenge and you have a bit of time to kill,
> we'd love you to a) ask chatGPT to write LiveCode scripts and b) send any
> resulting errors with detailed feedback to the Model Feedback area.
> Thank you!
> Best Regards and Happy New Year to all!
> Heather
> Heather Laine
> Customer Services Manager
> LiveCode Ltd
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