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Heather Laine heather at
Wed Jan 11 09:58:27 EST 2023

Dear List Members and LiveCode Gurus,

We're looking for your help. I should start with a warning though: this chatGPT is addictive, you might lose a few hours of your life. But you will have fun doing it :)

Our idea is that the chatGPT to be found here:

is a truly great way for beginners and even more advanced LiveCoders to get into LiveCode, learn scripting and get common scripts pre-written. It could be an immensely powerful tool in bringing LiveCode to a wider audience. (In case you haven't already wasted hours of your life playing with it, you can ask it to write a LiveCode script for any specific task, and it will take its best shot, with very passable results).

Unfortunately, at the moment it has a tendency to make schoolboy (or should I say schoolbot?) errors. It gets the script mostly right but there will be issues that a beginner would not know how to correct. We would love it if the community could help it learn to write beautiful, correct, LiveCode. To do this, it needs feedback. We asked it how to give feedback and this is what it suggests:

There are a few ways you can provide feedback on ChatGPT:
	• You can submit feedback through the OpenAI website by navigating to the “Contact Us” page and selecting “Model Feedback” as the topic.
	• You can also provide feedback on the OpenAI GPT-3 forum, where users can share their experiences, ask questions, and provide suggestions for improving the model.
	• You could also contact the openai team to share more detailed feedback and suggestions
In any case, clear and detailed feedback is helpful in understanding the problem and improve the model.

Just telling it what it got wrong we think isn't the right way to go, it will only correct it for that particular session. We need to rat on it in to its teachers so that it can be trained correctly. 

So, if you are up for the challenge and you have a bit of time to kill, we'd love you to a) ask chatGPT to write LiveCode scripts and b) send any resulting errors with detailed feedback to the Model Feedback area. 

Thank you!

Best Regards and Happy New Year to all!


Heather Laine
Customer Services Manager
LiveCode Ltd

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