Anyone else experience this bug?

Tom Glod tom at
Tue Jan 3 23:22:54 EST 2023

Hi Folks,

I work with 2 completely different codebases every week.
On both I and (we) experience hard crashes to desktop, where livecode
process just goes poof
Usually it is triggered by either a mouseUp or mouseDown ... most likely UP.
The bug is not consistent and does not happen when clicking anything in
There are days it does not happen, and days when it does multiple times.
On the exact same, doing the exact same things.
It happens both in IDE and in standalone
On both windows and mac.
(Come to think of it, it has happened less on  Windows 11 than 10.)
Running latest stable and latest RC1

Has anyone else experienced it?

Bug report from QC

Getting pretty desperate to find it., I need it out of my life.


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