Adding and delete a row of data to the Polygrid

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Aug 28 07:28:08 EDT 2023

On 27/08/2023 20:43, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> I ran into an inconsistency with the Polygrid
> ...
> I am not sure this is a BUG. It is certainly an inconsistency and 
> changing it would break some current code. On the other hand, the 
> Polygrid is part of the widget set for Xavvi/Livecode Create and the 
> goal for that tool is to have things be super easy and super intuitive 
> for beginners (non-code or low-code app building) so I think beginners 
> would find thsi jarring.
> So, is it a bug? What does the community think?

I'd say it's definitely not a bug.

It may be a "missing feature". There is an asymmetry, in that there are 
ways to

- extract one row

- delete one row

but only

- add multiple rows.

You could make a case for adding a feature to "add a single row". But I 
wouldn't bother,  because it's already so easy - see below.

You suggested converting by

>       repeat for each key tKey in sColSubtotalArray
>         put sColSubtotalArray[tKey] into tA[1][tKey]
>       end repeat
>      -- tA is now in the format that the addDataAfter property of the 
> Polygrid requires. 

The latest LC has the additional feauture of "automatic" sequences; i.e.

   put [ sColSubtotalArray ] into tA

So, in fact you would simply do

>       put the numberOfRows    of widget "rwTableview" into N
>       set the pgInternalPointer of widget "rwTableview" to N
>       set the addDataAfter       of widget "rwTableview" to [ 
> sColSubtotalArray]


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