Oddities with iOS IAP

Dan Friedman dan at clearvisiontech.com
Tue Aug 15 18:22:36 EDT 2023


Ok… seems to be working now.   I’m no longer getting “completed”, but I am consistently getting “paymentRecieved”… and I can make that work.   Obviously, I don’t really understand how this all works… but it’s working!

Thank you again for your help!

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Subject: Re: Oddities with iOS IAP
Hello Dan,

Just a rough guess, in the purchaseStateUpdate msg, you have:

 mobileStoreConfirmPurchase pProductID //Inform the store that the purchase
identifier productID was successfully delivered

in both cases for paymentReceived and restored.

Could you try commenting out the mobileStoreDisablePurchaseUpdates in these
2 cases? Once you call mobileStoreConfirmPurchase, it informs the store
that the purchase was successful, and then the store sends another
"purchaseStateUpdate" with state=complete.

But if you call mobileStoreDisablePurchaseUpdates just after
mobileStoreConfirmPurchase then this stops the communication with the
store. I suggest having mobileStoreDisablePurchaseUpdates just in the
"complete" case and remove it from "paymentReceived" and "restored".

Note that on Android (if I remember correctly)
mobileStoreEnablePurchaseUpdates/mobileStoreDisablePurchaseUpdates do not
actually do something - but they are added for consistency.

If you do this change, and still see the delay, then it is likely a
TestFlight/Sandbox issue. Note that Apple's sandbox servers are slower than
the actual ones used by StoreKit.

kind regards,

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