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Andrew at MidWest Coast Media andrew at
Mon Aug 14 23:29:01 EDT 2023

I have a project that needs updating but mobile media controls have completely changed since I last worked on this app. Seems now that the mobile player for iOS is a completely transparent rectangle until the user taps on it when 3 controls appear (rewind 10, play/pause, fast forward 10).

Is there any way to make this overlay appear automatically? Once it appears it persists even after updating the media file. It feels like I’m going to have to create a skin (WinAMP flashbacks) for the media player that used to have standard timeline & playback UI from the OS.

The logical command (in my head at least) was 
	mobileControlSet "audioPlayer", "showController", TRUE
but that acts more like a visibility command rather than calling up the controls. 

Here is a video showing the player object with a blueBackground and the controls appearing only after tapping on the mobile player: <> 

Curious how others have handled this change.

—Andrew Bell

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