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Hi Jacque,

> Am 10.08.2023 um 22:34 schrieb J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> I looked up the Samsung Tab A and it says it runs Android 9, upgradable to 11. There are multiple RAM options. Is this the one you have? <>
> I'm just guessing, but memory may be too low to allow the browser widget to work, since it does work after a reboot and the problem only happens occasionally. But Android 5 is almost 10 years old and I'd be surprised if that is what your tablet is running. Have you checked for an update? You have much more control of memory usage with a newer OS.

sorry, my fault, I obviously have an older version of the tablet and it does in fact run Android 8.1.
However it is not upgradable.

> In any case, you can keep memory usage lower if you delete or disable all apps and processes you don't need. You can do that in Settings/Apps. Samsung installs a lot of bloatware and if you don't use those things, turn them off or remove them. You can't always uninstall these but you can disable some of them. Also uninstall any extra apps you don't use. I have a newer Samsung tablet and I disabled or deleted almost half the software it shipped with. Many of these run in the background and use memory. Launcher widgets also run constantly so remove the ones you don't need from your launch screens.

I already did that, snice I only need the device for displaying PDF leadsheets.
But if it would be a memory issue, then it would happen more often, I think.

The problem is that this is not reproducable, it happens out of a sudden if it happens.
Even the hardware BACKKEY does not work in that situation, only the HOMEKEY so I can 
at least quit the app.

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> On August 10, 2023 5:03:24 AM Klaus major-k via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Hi friends,
>> maybe you remember my problem, that my app
>> turns into a black screen occacionally.
>> This has happened again about four or five times since
>> I reported it here.
>> This never happens at home, only when I am at a band
>> rehearsal, but never at a gig (fingers crossed).
>> Restarting the dveice definitively cures this, thank you Panos,
>> but sometimes, especially at a gig, I do not have the time to
>> do so. :-/
>> So any further hints highly appreciated!
>> macOS 12.6.8, LC 9.6.9, android 5.1 on a SAMSUNG TAB A tablet.
>> I'm mainly using the PDF widget if that matters...



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