Consumable In App Purchases on Android

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Wed Aug 9 16:38:51 EDT 2023


Again, thank you for your help!   mobileStoreProductProperty works beautifully!   As for the lesson, it’s not that it could have been better, it’s actually pretty good (as most LC lessons are).  It’s just that it needs to be updated to reflect newer methods and procedures.

Given how long your todo list is, I appreciate the time you always take to help me, and all the others out.  It’s GREATLY appreciated!


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Hello Dan,

Thanks for the update.

RE 1, I *think* yes, but I would suggest you double check this anyway.

RE 2, I would suggest not using mobilePurchaseGet(). This function is from
the older API for in-app purchases, and we have kept it for backwards
compatibility. I suggest using mobileStoreProductProperty (productID,
propertyName) instead. In fact, using mobileStoreProductProperty
(productID, "purchaseToken") is what you need in this use-case.

RE the lessons, yes, they could have been better. I'll add this to my
(long!) todo list :)

Kind regards,

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