Consumable In App Purchases on Android

Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Aug 7 18:56:04 EDT 2023

Does anyone have any experience with consumable in-app purchases on Android?   I can’t seem to figure out how to (1) create a consumable product, and (2) how to consume it.   mobileStoreConsumePurchase pProductID doesn’t seem to function right… I get back a result that is “true”, but attempting to purchase the same product, returns “alreadyEntitled”.

The “How do I implement in-app purchases in LiveCode - Google Play Store?” lesson says:  click "In-App Products” and click “Add new product”.  From there, follow the instructions to create the type of in-app purchase you wish to use.

In Google Play Console > Monitize > In-App Products > Create Product, there isn’t a place to select the type of in-app purchase.

Any insight or instructions you may have would be greatly appreciated!!


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