Bug or...? Native Querying

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Mon Aug 7 18:48:27 EDT 2023

I have code that uses the native API for SQL (as opposed to sqlYoga) because I have to do some joining that I do not know how to do with sqlYoga. The query string looks like this: 

select fileid,filename,fileversion,filecategory,custid,siteid,deviceid,serviceid,softwareid,parentidlist,filemodified,tempfilemodified,tmpfilesmodified,checkoutid,checkoutname,checkoutpath,rfapath,lastupdate,updateby 
from files t1 
where custid = 56;

When I execute this query in mySQLWorkbench, I get 6 records. When I use the native API: 

put revQueryDatabase( tDBID, tSQL) into tCursor

Then I get the revNumberOfRecords(tCursor), but it’s only 5!!!!!

The same query gets 6 using mySQLWorkbench and only 5 are counted in the cursor! 

Please tell my I haven’t stumbled across a Lex Luther universe! 

Bob S

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