tsNetGet() on android

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Aug 6 22:13:17 EDT 2023

It might be due to a insidious trick that caught me out. It also caught the 
person who helped me, who said he only knew about it because it got him too.

I assume you already have the right inclusions, but you may have missed the 
permissions checkbox in the Android pane of standalone settings. There's an 
Internet permission in there. Surprise!

If that isn't the problem then...um...?

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> I’m having difficulty using a LiveCode-created android app to read a  (4.7 
> KB) UTF-8 encoded text file off my server. Desktop and iOS versions of the 
> app have no trouble. This is LC 9.6.9 (tsNet version 1.4.9 Business 
> Edition) I don’t actually think this is a tsNet issue since I had 
> previously been using “load URL” syntax and that failed on android as well. 
>  The URL I am attempting to read is:
> constant 
> kSolutionsURL="https://elementarysoftware.com/wordlish/wordle_solutions_list.txt"
> (I have tried variations using  http:// ,  www.  and also,  not using a 
> constant)
> The call to tsNet is formatted:
> put tsNetGet("1", kSolutionsURL, tHeaders, "tsNetTransferComplete") into 
> tResult
> The (curl?) error I am getting from tsNet is:
> tsneterr: (6) Could not resolve host: elementarysoftware.com 
> <http://elementarysoftware.com/>
> This seems like such a simple thing, so I’m hoping for an idea from the 
> collective. (After which I will slap my forehead and say, “Duh!”)
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