Charts widget.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Sep 25 16:54:58 EDT 2022

Anyone using this widget ?

Is there some documentation (other than the obvious dictionary entries) 
about how to do different kinds of chart ?

In the last 4-6 months, I've done 3 or 4 little personal projects where 
I wanted to create a chart, but I've not been able to figure out how to 
use the charts widget to do time-based charts.

What I mean is, e.g., create a chart for the following data ....

2022-02-01    100
2022-02-04    500
2022-02-05    525
2022-02-17    900

Obviously, the dates along the X-axis should be spaced properly 
according to their data value, not equally spaced and simply labelled.

Looking at the charts.js documentation, it tells me (or rather, fails to 
tell me, since I can't understand it) that I need to define an 'adapter' 
and shows some sample javascript. I don't really understand how to do it 
simply in javascript - far less how I could use that in the widget.

Can anyone give me a clue or a pointer ?

Many thanks,


P.S. currently I solved it using my own GraphMaker library (see LC 
conference from 2018) - but I'd really like to retire that library in 
favour of the new widget.

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