Standardize Font Appearance

Quentin Long cubist at
Tue Sep 13 20:14:30 EDT 2022

sez Richard Gaskin:
> So help me understand: what are you working on where a user expects > fine-grained font rendering consistency on multiple OSes? What do these > apps do?> > Do your users switch OSes during a session, or work on Windows by day > and Mac at night?  How many also use Linux in that multi-OS workflow?
For me, it was mostly a matter of two questions.
First: Wouldn't it be nice *if* we could somehow do stuff with fonts and just have them *be* identical cross-platform? My answer: Yes, that *is* technically possible—
Second: Exactly how big of a hassle *would* it be to Just Have Fonts Identical Cross-Platform? My answer: —but good god, it's *so* much of a fucking PITA that I can't imagine why anyone would *bother*.
I'm rather an odd duck, in that I don't write code for a living; I don't even have any financial interests which are dependent on my being able to whip up code on schedule/deadline. So I suspect I may have summat more freedom to fart around and experiment than do the *real* code jockeys hereabouts. As well, the only user *I* have to worry about is *me*, which renders lots of issues, er, *non*-issues, as far as I'm concerned.

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