LC converts phone number to scientific notation

Klaus major-k klaus at
Fri Sep 9 06:00:26 EDT 2022

Hi friends,

I have a very strange problem, but also found a workaround for it.

I first convert an 8 MB CSV file with 60000 lines to TAB delimited data, then I parse the file 
and just extract some columns from the 60000 lines to display in a field.
E.g. the column "number dialled", which contains phone number like 
-> 447973100123

The CSV files are definitively correct but I found that in the resulting field some of these numbers 
appear in scientific notation 
-> 4.47888E+11

This does not happen with phone numbers with a leading ZERO: like
-> 07557162491
So maybe this a small hint?

However I do not even touch these items I just use:
put item 9 of tLine into item 6 of tNewLine
## tLine is the line from the CSV and tNewLine is for the data in the display field.

My simple workaround, no idea why, but it obviously works:
put item 9 of tLine into ttt
put ttt into item 6 of tNewLine
This avoids the scientific notation, what the hell is going on here?
Any hints welcome.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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