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Yes but I had more in mind then display properties like font size and style.

Bob S

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Bob Sneidar wrote:

> That's great for buttons. I'd like to implement something for all
> objects. My goal is to be able to offer the end user a way to change
> their "motif" with a single click. Imagine being able to set the
> properties of an object designated as a "class object", the object
> then getting a propertyChanged message, and then having that
> propertyChanged handler trigger the change of all the subscribed
> properties of all the objects that are an instance of that class or
> sub-class.

Sounds very much like the way word processors manage styles: define a set of attributes, assign a name to the set, apply that set by name to selections as you go.

If a change is needed just edit the style definition, click "Save Changes", and the changes are propagated to all objects to which that style has been assigned.

Do I understand the desired workflow?

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