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I don’t know who coded it but it really does not follow the standard LC conventions. I am going to assume it was someone external to LC so will cut them a huge bit of slack. It’s also very clear English is not their first language so they did pretty well considering. 

Here are the steps

Create a new plug-in file using
    scCreatePlugin “”,””
This will first ask for a name and then for a folder location to put it. I put it into the MyLivecode folder in a subfolder called SmartCrumbsPlugins

Edit the code as needed and save. Make sure to ONLY do this in LC, not Atom or another text editor.

Next, use
    scInstallPlugin “”
This will ask which plug-in to load

    scEnabledPlugin “myPlugin”
where myPlugin is the name you have given it, which is not necessarily the same as the file name. This will make sure it is running the next time any SmartCrumbs import/export operation is performed. 

To find which plugins are installed and enabled, use
    put the keys of scListPlugins (“All”)

To find the path where the logs are saved, use
    put scGetPathLog(“”)
    put scGetPathLog()
Either will work

Sean Cole
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> On 1 Sep 2022, at 22:43, Mark Wieder via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> On 9/1/22 11:25, Sean Cole via use-livecode wrote:
>> By the way, here is an update to the plugin code:
> Sean- good news that you got it working. How in the world did you manage that? I went through what I think are the right steps:
> scCreatePlugin "",""
> edit and save plugin code
> scInstallPlugin pPath
> scEnabledPlugin pPath
> scListPlugins() --- nothing (no array keys)
> scGetPathLog() --- recursion limit reached
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