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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Sep 1 13:06:55 EDT 2022

Geoff Canyon wrote:

 > I've put off LCB because I don't much bother with widgets.
 > I suppose I could update Navigator, but it already works well,
 > so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 > So if it isn't faster, dare I say it, why would I?

Foreign Function Interface, and certain custom control needs.

In short, the language choice hierarchy seems to be:

- Use LC Script wherever you can.

- If you need FFI or have specific rendering/packaging needs
   for shared components beyond what custom group-based controls
   offer, use LC Builder.

- If raw CPU speed is absolutely critical, consider externals.

Kevin said this more eloquently back around the time LC Builder premiered:

     I think this is a really important principal. Always use
     the highest level language you can for any given project.
     Offering that very high level language option is a big
     part of LiveCode's reason for being.

     Previously our primary choices were between LiveCode
     Script and a lower level language such as C. Now we have
     a third choice, an intermediate LiveCode Builder. Its
     much faster than C but slower than Script. It is going
     to excel at certain tasks. However we should always
     choose to use it only when it offers clear advantages
     above LiveCode Script for the project that outweigh the
     extra level of effort needed to use it. I know its
     very tempting having added a whole new language to build
     everything in that, but we must carefully resist that
     temptation and use it judiciously, only for what it is best at.

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