correct iphoneSafeAreaInsets in iPad simulator?

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Wed Nov 30 16:28:30 EST 2022


I see what you mean.

I had my resizing SW using a table that I just kept adding to as new models
were released. I gave up on that after the iPhone 14 pro was released. I now
use iphoneSafeAreaInsets(). It seems to work OK.

I will do some testing of one of my apps on the iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd
generation) simulator.

Film at 11

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Additional info:
I resize the stack to proportionally to the devices screen dimensions.
And that works fine on all tested iPhone simulators.
These differences are only on these two iPad simualtors.

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> Hi friends,
> here two screenshots from my app in the Apple iPad simulator:
> <
> dl=1>
> Same app***, same scripting, same "resizestack" handler taking 
> iphoneSafeAreaInsets() into account and reposition objects accordingly.
> ***Only difference is that I disabled the group of buttons in the middle
in one simulator.
> Please notice the much larger area of empty space below the navigation 
> widget and above the text field at the top in the screenshot of the iPad
Pro (11-inch) (3rd generation).
> Is this a bug, a feature or just some inconvenience of the simulator?
> Any insight welcome, thank you!
Klaus Major
klaus at

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