LC Date Conversions post 2035 [OT ish]

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Interesting... On my Outlook the received date is used to sort emails but on
my phone the "date" field in the header is used for both sorting and
displaying in the list. So on my phone this email will be at the top until
31 Dec 2034.

This just reinforces that the interpretation of internet mail headers is
still not consistent. (and maybe should have had a little more thought
before the barn doors were opened)
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I was testing one of the tools I use to handle licensing today and decided
to run the series through a few iterations adding 2 years at a time. I
noticed that my dates were reverting to the 20th c. Hmm, whoops.

After a bit of head scratching I decided it wasn't just my doing.

Date conversion sort of works but the output can lead to trouble in the
future. I've done a few tests and some lengthy, but if anyone cares to
perform the "short test," please do.

Change your date to 12/31/2034; then change to 2035. 

run this:  

put the date into test
convert test to dateitems

answer item 1 of test --works in 2034; broken in 2035


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