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Hi Martin,

> Am 31.03.2022 um 15:28 schrieb Martin Koob <mkoob at>:
> Hi Klaus
> I have been meaning to test this but have to get my Windows machine up and running.   I have been using my Mac exclusively for a while.
> I suspect I will get the same result as Paul but  I may get a chance to try it before this week Saturday.
> I would be interested in how LC 10 works though.   
> In LC 9 the player is using AVFoundation on Mac or DirectShow on Windows.
> In LC 10  the player will use Windows Player Media Foundation.
> Windows Player Media Foundation
> The current player on Windows uses DirectShow – which only natively supports the WMV file format. Newer video formats (such as MP4) require third-party codecs to be installed. The move to Media Foundation will mean these are natively supported. MediaFoundation libraries support all the modern codecs such as mp4 natively – so mp4s will play in player objects without any thirdparty components needing to be installed in the OS.
> Additionally, mirrored video playback will work correctly as well as non-standard playback rates.
> This brings parity between Windows, macOS, Android and iOS video playback features in terms of supported video formats.
> From what I remember the first DP of LC 10 did not include the new Windows Player Media foundation.
> I don’t know if it has been added to recent DPs.   Once it is I plan to put it through its paces.
> Hopefully that will resolve the issue with variable rate playback and result in parity for windows and the other platforms.

yes, thanks, I already asked Heather and they cannot give a date yet, but it will definitively in the LC 10.x cycle.

> Martin



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