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Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Mar 31 08:23:06 EDT 2022

On 3/31/2022 3:40 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>> Am 31.03.2022 um 02:01 schrieb Paul Dupuis via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
>>>>> ...
>>>>> Today I was delighted to find out that this is not the case anymore!
>>>>> PITCH does not change anymore when setting the PLAYRATE!
>>>>> Thanks for the hint, Frans!
>>>>> At least on a Mac. Is this also the case on Windows?
>>>> could someone please test it and report here?
>>> ...
>> If PITCH was a property value I could test and report, but as I understand what you are looking for is for someone to adjust the playRate and HEAR whether the pitch is changing and I doubt - with my bad hearing - I could tell if the PITCH was changing!
> Well, that is the point, the PITCH does NOT change, only the speed of the playback,
> and even you might to be able to hear that. :-D

Okay, I made a test stack with a player and a slider with playRate from 
-2 to +2, current Thumb position 1 that on scrollBarDrag set the 
playRate to the thumbPosition and opened a mp4 video a tested.

1) Under LC 9.6.6, changing the playRate can cause LC to hang, whether 
the video is playing or paused. Not every time, but some of the times it 
would just pop up an endless spinning windows cursor ball and Windows 
would declare that LiveCode 9.6.6. was "not responding" and a forced 
quit would be required.

2) When it did work, I was able to change the playRate to 1.2 or 1.4 and 
while the video sped up, apparently my ears are better than I thought, 
as even I could tell the pitch got higher (the people's voices got 
higher pitched and "squeaky")

Windows 10 (latest build) LiveCode 9.6.6 STABLE.

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