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Thu Mar 31 03:35:14 EDT 2022

Hi Peter,

> Am 31.03.2022 um 04:16 schrieb Peter Bogdanoff via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> I’ve just tried LC 9.6.6 in Windows and playrate functions as 0 = stopped or > 0 = playing normal rate. Tested by playing a wmv and a mp3. Entering in a positive number other than 1 causes it to pause for a second or two then start playing at normal speed.
> Mac does do the “variable speed” with both mov and mp3.

oh, thank you.
Sounds like this may only work at some time in LC 10 with the new "Mediafoundation" framework on Windows.

> Peter Bogdanoff
>>>>> ...
>>>>> Today I was delighted to find out that this is not the case anymore!
>>>>> PITCH does not change anymore when setting the PLAYRATE!
>>>>> Thanks for the hint, Frans!
>>>>> At least on a Mac. Is this also the case on Windows?
>>>> could someone please test it and report here?



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