Confirm sort container order...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed Mar 30 16:26:04 EDT 2022

On 3/30/2022 4:13 PM, Craig Newman via use-livecode wrote:
> A way I have always used was developed back in the HC days. Assuming you have your list in the variable “yourList"
> sort lines of yourList by word 1 of each & word 2 of each & word 3 of each

I used single letters as an example, but my text is tab delimited and 
each cell is moderately long text.

I think using "word 1 of each & word 2 of each & word 3 of each" or 
"item 1 of each & item 2 of each & item 3 of each" concatenates all 3 
"cells" together and sort by that string of characters. I think this 
could result in an invalid sort order of, for example, item 2 started 
with words found at the end of some items 1's.

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