More code signing woes...

Marty Knapp martyknappster at
Fri Mar 25 14:49:55 EDT 2022

This involves the Levure framework and the Sparkle update feature. I would post my question in the forums where Levure is discussed but I am unable to login and LC has not been able to fix the issue yet. Thought I'd post here hoping someone else has run across this.

One reason I use Levure is the capability to use the Sparkle update framework for getting the latest version to my customers. It's been working great. I just built a new version of my app with LC 9.6.6. I use AppWrapper to codesign and it also builds a DMG file and uploads to Apple to notarize. Apple accepts and all is good.

With this latest build, people who download via a browser link have no issue. But for some who try to update from the current install (via Sparkle), it goes through the process of downloading but when they choose to "Install and Relaunch" it silently fails - the app quits but does not relaunch and is not updated. Others get an error 3001 - the update is "improperly signed" - but it's just a zipped copy of the app Apple accepted. I can download that same file in a browser and it works fine. So lots of unhappy campers…

Marty Knapp

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