Weird Standalone Builder issue

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Mar 24 17:07:41 EDT 2022

I'm on Windows 10, using LC 9.6.6, and building for macOS and Windows

I have a folder called "Utilities" and in it I have the Windows version 
of an open source video utility called ffmpeg (specific file is just 
called "ffmpeg.exe". In the same "Utilities" folder, I have the macOS 
version of ffmpeg (called "ffmpeg" with no extension)

In the standalone setting, under the Copy Files tab, I added the folder 
"Utilities" and then I build for macOS and Windows;

For Windows I get 
C:\Users\paul\Desktop\HR460-LC9xx\HyperRESEARCH\Windows\Utilities\ and 
in that folder I have BOTH "ffmpeg.exe" (windows version) AND "ffmpeg" 
(macOS version) as expected. I intent in the "on standaloneSaved" 
message to remove the one that is NOT for the target platform

For macOS, there is weirdness, as I get 
with "ffmpeg" (the macOS version)
with "ffmpeg.exe" (the windows version)

So, not what I expected? The Standalone Builder somehow places the macOS 
version of the utility in .app bundle in Contents\MacOS\Utilities\ and 
splits the Windows version out to the app bundle at 

How does it know that the file "ffmpeg" is a macOS compatible command 
line binary???

This is not a problem form me as I can use revDeleteFolder to remove 
Contents\Resources\_MacOS\Utilities\ on the mac build and revDeleteFile 
to remove "ffmepeg" from the Utilities folder on Windows and I am left 
with the right utility for the right platform. I could also just copy 
the utilities from the project folder each build during the "on 
standaloneSaved" message handler.

I am mostly curious as to why the Standalone Builder splits the 
files/folder for macOS and leaves them together for Windows?

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