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Klaus major-k klaus at
Thu Mar 24 07:31:10 EDT 2022

Hi friends,

LC never ceases to surprise me and I love that!

1. In earlier versions setting the "playrate" of a player object to a different value than 1
unfortunately also changed the PITCH of the sound/movie.

Today I was delighted to find out that this is not the case anymore! 
PITCH does not change anymore when setting the PLAYRATE!
Thanks for the hint, Frans!

At least on a Mac. Is this also the case on Windows?

When did this happen?
And why didn't anybody tell me? :-D

2. The fact that we can also import/export snapshots from "the templateimage"
also suprised me a lot earlier this week.
A very handy feature, can make a lot of work unneccessary!

Same from "the templateplayer" does not work however, but does not throw
an error, just a small black image.


Klaus Major
klaus at

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