destroystack/destroywindow not working?

Paul Dupuis paul at
Mon Mar 21 15:22:52 EDT 2022

We use this code in an internal Installer builder app to ensure a stack 
is actually removed from memory:

command removeStackFromMemory pStackName
   set wholeMatches to true
   repeat while pStackName is among the lines of 
     set cursor to busy
     set the destroyStack of stack pStackName to true
     set the cantDelete of stack pStackName to false
     lock messages
     close stack pStackName
     delete stack pStackName
     unlock messages
     wait 0.5 second with messages
   end repeat
   set cursor to arrow
end removeStackFromMemory

NOTE: The lock messages ensures that no closeSTack or deleteStack or 
related messages get processed when removing the stack from memory. The 
wait is necessary as it takes the engine some time to actually remove 
the stack, but it will do so - eventually ;-)

I do not claim this is the most efficient way nor the fastest, only that 
it works.

On 3/21/2022 2:29 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode wrote:
> I've seen this occasionally, where the mainstack is removed but the 
> substacks are still in the list of available stacks. I think the IDE 
> list of stacks in memory isn't updated correctly unless all substacks 
> are marked as destroyed. At least, that's what it looks like.
> On 3/21/22 6:46 AM, Klaus major-k via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have a stack with its destroystack/destroywindow
>> properties set to true.
>> When I close it and open another stack which has a
>> substack with ther same name as a substack of the
>> previous stack, I get this really annoying dialog:
>> "A stack with that name is already in memory..."
>> Shouldn't setting destroystack/destroywindow prevent this?
>> Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of these props?

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