Counting Syllables

Rick Harrison harrison at
Sun Mar 20 19:20:07 EDT 2022

Hi Richmond,

Yes, I came across which only intrigued me more.

Unfortunately it reports the word triangle has 2 syllables which is incorrect.
Any dictionary will tell you triangle has 3 syllables.  Is there a rule for that
or is it just an exception to some rule?

Perhaps there are other examples out there I can find.

Whatever happened to our pocket English Teacher App?
(Oh sorry, I forgot, that one hasn’t been invented yet to my knowledge.)



> On Mar 20, 2022, at 3:57 PM, Richmond via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Frankly I'd go for isolated vowels (I, A), Vowel+ Consonant (In, On, An), and Consonant+ Vowel (La, Lo, Fi), you
> also have a problem with the semi-vowel Y, and the semi-vowel U ( 'yu' as un Union, and 'u' as in Utter).
> This is pretty impressive: <>
> I gave it 'Beautiful aesthetic foetuses' and it came up, correctly, with 9 syllables . . . the Q is what's the code:
> probably time to download the webpage and poke around a bit.

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