Excel_Lib on Mac

Andreas Bergendal andreas.bergendal at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 07:29:47 EDT 2022

I’m confused - we’re talking Excel Lib by Zryip TheSlug, right?

I’m using v.1.5.3, and it works very well for opening/editing Excel files on my Mac (12.2 Monterery, Excel 16.59, LC9.6.7 rc1).
I can’t remember if at first use I had to grant some permissions of some kind, but now it works without a hitch. Using AppleScript if understand correctly. (On Mac I only tried it from the IDE, though, not a standalone.)

On Windows it works fine in a standalone too, where it uses vsbscript.

Bob wrote:
> The Macintosh can no longer send apple events to Excel, or indeed any other Microsoft product [...]

We’re does this info come from? My Mac seems to disagree… :)


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