revOpenDatabase - ODBC - on Ubuntu - failing with empty error

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Thu Mar 10 13:52:34 EST 2022

Thanks to everyone who's responded to my woes over the last few days.

I'm making progress, but have hit a new hurdle.

I know have the LC-built app running in a Docker container on Ubuntu 18. It's 
set up with an ODBC connection to an Oracle database. I can test the 
connection on the command line with "isql", and it works fine.

But when the app tries to open the database, revOpenDatabase returns empty.

Normally it would return either an integer connection id, or an error message. 
But now it is just returning an empty string.

Is anyone else using ODBC on Linux? Any clues as to what I need to do, or 
where I could find a clue as to what the error is, since revOpenDatabase 
didn't return anything?

(Just for fun, I renamed the "" driver in the 
Externals/database_drivers folder, and sure enough revOpenDatabase returned an 
error as I would expect, 'revdberr,invalid database type'.)

Any clues gratefully received,


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