No Android app icon with LC 9.6.6

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Sun Mar 6 10:49:50 EST 2022

I updated the bug report.

>Make that 9.6.6 rc1. Too early for me. Ran to the office to send this out
without my cup of tea.

>I Just ran into this yesterday using 9.6.1 rc1. For laughs I clicked the
adaptive icon in the standalone settings and back to 

>legacy and I now see the legacy icon on the device.

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Hi all,

> Am 06.03.2022 um 10:00 schrieb Klaus major-k via use-livecode
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> Hi friends,
> I just spent some time to find out that Android APKs created with LC 
> version 9.6.6 do not show the app icon on an Android device!?
> So I downloaded LC 9.6.5, created an APK and the app icon is shown again.
> Did not find an bug report for this, so I will create one.

and here it is:

> Can someone confirm that this is fixed/works again in version 9.6.7?
> Thanks in advance!



Klaus Major
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