Speed up a slow loop

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed Mar 2 19:52:38 EST 2022

On 3/2/22 6:32 PM, Rick Harrison via use-livecode wrote:
> Eon’s ago I had a similar problem in Fortran.
> My solution was to break up my huge array into 3 smaller
> alphabetical arrays.  I had to first determine with some
> if statements which of the 3 arrays I had to search.
> The solution turned a glacially slow search into a very acceptable one.
> You may want to try a similar solution.

That's a thought, though I hate to go there. I was using the SOWPODS dictionary which has a 
gazillion words, and switched to a different, shorter word list and that did help a bit.

I noticed today though that there's a more general slowdown overall. When I first launch the 
app it takes only a second to set up the board display. If I keep hitting the "new board" 
button repeatedly, each setup takes a bit longer.

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