RIP David Boggs

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The NYT claim that I have used up all of my “free views” this month is a

Anyway, the New York Times is all about Rupert Murdoch now as far as I’m
concerned. Not exactly trusted.

I’m glad that Boggs invented ethernet. I remember when I first heard about
it; I was at a seminar for Covis in 1980 - all their Star Terminals in the
room were connected via ethernet. Later that year I had a job interview
with Andy Moore to possibly work at Sprocket systems in San Rafael
(Lucasfilm) and they also had a network of star terminals all over the

I didn’t have a degree so I didn’t get that second call. But it was good to
see my friends at work there, one eventually got an Academy award for his
work on Star Wars.

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> Opened without a paywall for me.
> That last quote is a keeper.
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