Have we lost the Oracle driver?

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Tue Mar 1 12:45:13 EST 2022

Hi Mark,

Thanks for responding. Indeed 'the revLicenseInfo` returned "...commercial". 
After re-licensing, it now says "...professional" - however, I still can't 
open a connection to an Oracle database.

Re-licensing *did* make a difference: whereas previously it broke into the 
debugger, and (sometimes) displayed the error
 > execution error at line n/a (External handler execution error: 
revdberr,driver not licensed for this edition)

now revOpenDatabase simply returns
 > revdberr,invalid database type

So I guess it's not a licensing issue any more, which is good; but I still 
can't get at the database! Can you suggest where my next issue might be?

Many thanks,


On 01/03/2022 16:08, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode wrote:
> On 2022-03-01 15:51, Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode wrote:
>> Hi Matthias,
>> Good spot! Thanks for checking.
>> I wonder whether this is an accidental omission, in that Oracle was at
>> one time only available at a certain higher level of license; maybe
>> now that there is only level, perhaps someone forgot to tweak whatever
>> bit of code checked that the 'correct' license was in place?
> All business-only features were moved to be part of the pro features pack - 
> the oracle driver included.
> If it isn't working in your current version of LC, check that the license you 
> have licensed LC with does have the pro features pack in it...
> If you do `put the revLicenseInfo` it should say professional, rather than 
> commercial.
> If it doesn't say professional, Relicense your IDE using the menu item in Help 
> and flick through the licenses you have available until one says 'pro' in the 
> title.
> If the revLicenseInfo does say professional then something odd has happened 
> somewhere which will need to look into more deeply!
> Warmest Regards,
> Mark.

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