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Tue Mar 1 06:55:54 EST 2022


I hit the same problem a little while ago and decided to try to dodge the issue as much as possible. My solution was to include the following guidance where appropriate:

Can't Open ...

Note that both Mac and Windows users may be asked to give permission to run the app for the first time. This is because we haven't gone through the processes to register the app with Apple and Microsoft - it's not worth the effort for limited distribution apps.

If you're unhappy about this or at all unsure that you trust our apps, don't use them! Otherwise, just do what's required once and you'll not be bothered again when you use the app from then onwards.

See "Can't Open Mac App.pdf  <>" or "Can't Open Windows App.pdf  <>" as appropriate for guidance.

Here's an example of how I provide this advice as part of a distribution web page: <>

For my purposes, the above covers my needs since my projects are almost always for a small number of users, often for in-house use only. If something like the above works for you, you're welcome to use my guidance sheets, either as is or with your own modifications.



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