Is LC encryption different for Mac than for Windows??

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Fri Jul 1 19:49:10 EDT 2022

Hi all. 

As I may have mentioned I wrote an SQL Server agent that uses sockets to listen for data from a client. The client first arrayEncodes an array, then encrypts the result using an encryption library I wrote. Then it sends the data to the Server Agent. 

The Agent receives the encrypted stream, decrypts it using the exact same library, arrayDecodes the data, then performs a query against the database and retrieves th data as an array. All that works. 

The agent then arrayEncodes the array and re-encrypts it using THE SAME LIBRARY. It then sends the data back to the client which of course, decrypts it and arrayDecodes it producing the resultant array. All fine and good. But wait there's more! 

When I run the Server Agent on my Macintosh all works as expected. I get an array of the queried data. When I run it on a Windows desktop however, the data coming back is corrupted somehow! The decryption command produces an error: ERROR: (SSL error: wrong final block length)

How can that be? It's the same file I just copy it to the windows machine from the Mac along with the encryption library. Everything should be exactly the same! 

Bob S

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