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Thu Sep 30 10:02:20 EDT 2021

On 06/09/2021 15:14, Kevin Miller via use-livecode wrote:

> Upgrading this could be a very useful project. There is a lot of content in there but it has the issues you list.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin

Some of these issues can easily be tackled as a community effort / 
project - but it's not clear to me how the more serious ones could be 
done without project leadership (or at least strong involvement) from LC 
Ltd. The ability to store things other than traditional stacks (e.g. 
widgets, script-only stacks, documentation pages, e-books, ...) and how 
that could be handled (or tested) on LC servers means they would need 
LCLtd to be heavily involved.

And the other half of that project (i.e. providing infrastructure 
support for library/LCS stacks) in the IDE/engine is certainly outside 
the scope of a community project. For me, this includes things like

  - standard place to keep stacks/libraries  (e.g., maybe, My 
Livecode/Libraries ?)

  - preference to change that in IDE, perhaps specialFolderPath("libraries")

  - naming scheme or convention (cf what was done for widgets)

  - a "require" or "include" mechanism for dependencies in libraries

  - integration into the dictionary (cf widgets again)

  - ability to add e.g. custom controls to the toolbar (cf widgets).

and no doubt many others that I haven't even thought of.

Without those, I think we will continue to struggle with a limited set 
of community-provided libraries and tools, compared to the rich 
ecosystem this *incredibly helpful* community should be able to provide.

But, getting my head own out of the clouds, I've had a look at this as a 
community project - see separate email.

For anyone who got this far - thanks for your patience :-),


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> On 06/09/2021, 14:11, "use-livecode on behalf of Alex Tweedly via use-livecode" <use-livecode-bounces at on behalf of use-livecode at> wrote:
>      In the main thread, I mentioned that I found revOnline (aka "Sample
>      Stacks"), but didn't say how or why. Here the answer to that ...
>      It has:
>      - no differentiation between 'libraries' and 'examples'
>      - it has no support for script-only stacks, which is surely the way most
>      libraries will be done nowadays.
>      - a left hand scrolling box with ~90 'categories', in no particular
>      order, no grouping
>      - grid vs list view - list shows you a list, which is basically the same
>      as a 1-wide grid rather than 2-wide, plus a larger view of some random
>      other item (OK, it's not random - it simply doesn't update when it should)
>      - updates when you click on the picture - but gives no cursor hint that
>      you can do that
>      - a drop-down list for sort order - which isn't sized adequately when
>      you first open revonline
>      - a 'search' box which must search something, but I don't know what.
>      There is a sample stack called "Compare stack scripts", and which is
>      tagged as "compare" - but isn't found if you search for "compare".
>      - and I usually find things via "browser + google" (or similar) and the
>      stuff in samples stacks isn't visible that way.
>      Hmmmm - maybe I've just found my next project :-)
>      Alex.
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