IDE line number doesn't update

Curry Kenworthy curry at
Wed Sep 22 10:18:18 EDT 2021


 > I am on a Mac. Ever since the red dot issue was resolved
 > a few versions ago I have seen none of these issues.

Not seeing and not having are two different things. :)

It may be conflating topics; note the wide range of bugs
that I just listed. Incredible variety. Off the top of my head.

Some of these I specifically saw first on MAC OS, not Windows.
Some from Mac-only LC users. Not a platform-specific bug list.

Unrechecked, so a handful of these may have been fixed or improved.

But absolutely not all; I've seen some of them lately,
and my eyes have witnessed conversation about them too.

Just FYI; having said that, very glad it's been smooth coding for you!

 > My longest single script anywhere is about 2000 lines

Great idea wherever possible; shorter code has multiple advantages.

(Hope the quick list helps with any bug efforts.
I'm sicker again; probably my last post this week.)

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

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