Last record of a cursor?

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Fri Sep 17 19:04:50 EDT 2021

Hi all. 

I am trying to discern between when I have an empty cursor, and when I have reached the last record of a cursor. 

I have noticed that if I query a database that returns no results, I still get a cursor ID, so I cannot test for a cursor ID. So after my loop to convert a cursor to an array, I check to see if I am on the last record by using put revCurrentRecord(pCursorID) into tLastRecord, then testing to see if it returns 0, which it will if the cursor is empty. 

But it seems that if I am already on the last record of the cursor, then I use revMoveToNextRecord pCursorID, revCurrentRecord ALSO RETURNS 0! So now I am left without a way to tell if the cursor is empty, or if otherwise, I have reached the last record. 

How is this done?? Normally I use sqlYoga so these things are spared me, but in this instance I am using the native API calls. 

Bob S

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