There is one stack the cause delays - 5 to 10 seconds

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Sep 10 14:01:23 EDT 2021

On any attempt do anything, whether it typing script in script editor, if I change window, or the property browser, wherever we do, there is 5-10 seconds delays. Its impossible to work, or very slow to work in this stack. Could be a pendMessage?

8829,1631295654.762945,revSEDelayTogglePalettes,stack "/Applications/LiveCode"
8832,1631295654.789005,ideMessageSend,stack "/Applications/LiveCode"
8826,1631295655.076493,__EnsureAccept,stack "/Applications/LiveCode"
8831,1631295655.0909,revUpdateSelectionChanged,stack "/Applications/LiveCode"
8778,1631295937.884898,autoSave,stack "/Users/brahmanathaswami/Documents/_LiveCode/GITA Tools/Audio_Transcriber_3-3.livecode"
8780,1631295937.934677,autoSave,stack "/Users/brahmanathaswami/Documents/_LiveCode/GITA Tools/Audio_Transcriber_3-3.livecode"

I don’t what is going on?


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