LiveCode Community - anyone up for maintaining the community edition?

Paul McClernan paulmcclernan at
Wed Sep 8 17:54:08 EDT 2021

Well I've wanted to contribute more, and have as time allowed. I first had
to learn how to use GitHub before I could even start to contribute, and did
appreciate the hand holding I got from the team along the way. But
understand that LC needs to be very careful and methodical about what they
merged into their main repo, this made even contributing simple spelling
fixes to the docs (which also requires some understanding of .markdown used
in .lcdoc) a tedious task. Additionally,in don't think it was clear to a
some users a lot of the IDE/libs are bootstrapped and so one only needs an
understanding of LCScript to contribute changes.

Contributing to the engine code, however, is not the only way Community
could contribute. I jumped on the chance to extend the possibilities by
learning LCBuilder once that became available, made all of my LCB work open
source in Hope's of encouraging and helping others to get over the learning
curve inherent in that. Community freely supporting other members of the
community should also be valued.

I will likely get on board LC10 train at some point, when I know more about
the improvements being made to it, beyond syntax changea and a faster HTML5
engine. But I also plan to try to improve and maintain my own fork of LCC,
and I hope others will explore the many possibilities with that as well.

I've already fixed a bug that I reported back in April in my fork(s) and
added a link to my fix to that bugzilla report.

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> Here are my thoughts on this - and a request.
> Yes - it’s not a surprising move by Livecode Ltd - they were clearly
> struggling supporting the community aspect and taking the language to the
> next level and they need more revenue to do that.
> The question is (for my part at least) - what to do about this. Personally
> I have never seen a future for a closed source language, and the projects I
> work on will not fund. Projects developed in closed source - especially by
> a small company. So I have a choice, switch language, or look to continue
> with developing with the community edition and help build an open source
> community around that. The former (switching languages) is relatively easy,
> the latter a lot of work.
> I’m happy to have a company like Livecode Ltd create closed source
> products  that I can use, so how to have both an open source language, and
> the ability to work with closed source products developed by Livecode Ltd?
> As I see it the only option is for those interested in the community to
> take control and responsibility for the core language.
> There are a number of options with regard to future language development,
> that would put the language on an even par with other open source
> languages, and there are also new ways to finance such initiatives. It
> would be valuable to get together as a community and discuss those.
> How about having a community conference to look at what is possible? We
> can do this online and showcase new and existing open source projects and
> discuss the opportunities this new environment presents?
> 📆    Schedule a call with me
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> > > There you had a group of programmers who supposedly loved what
> > > HyperCard could do, but they only loved that concept as a historical
> > > artefact, not as a tool available to people now.
> >
> > Abso-frogging-lutely.
> >
> > The really interesting questions are “why?" and “Is there anything we
> could do about it?”
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