IDE performance (Re: Suggestion: Non-Appbuilding Community Edition)

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I hv never had slowdowns with the IDE or else in Windows 10.
But my system has 32 Gb internal RAM and I use only NVMe. Fastest i7 too. No problems.
Its all about hardware when u develop software.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Erik Beugelaar
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Without knowing anything other than "the IDE is like treacle"  I loaded
various stacks in Windows to see what the complaint could possibly be about.
8 seconds for IDE to start - no treacle on opening stacks
8 seconds to open Dictionary - no treacle on searching Dictionary (given
it's loading 1000 pages of lightning-fast searchable text, I think 8
seconds isn't too bad).  I generally open it once and don't shut it until I
close LC.

So I created a new stack and pasted 8000 lines of text into the Script
Editor.  Typing in the Editor then became treacley (but not on OS X).
Switching off Edit/Options/live errors removed any speed degradation on
typing.  Assuming I've correctly identified where the issue is, the issue
is not the IDE, the issue is doing something specific with large scripts
inside the Script Editor.  That may well be the issue that Mark Waddingham
was discussing about sorting text.  The Script editor doesn't slow down
with 100s of lines.

As for general weirdness with Windows. When Windows "anti-virus" scam kicks
in every day, my laptop stops working (even trying to switch between apps
is treacley).  This is something MS have made almost impossible to disable
(I haven't found a way), and I can't set the priority low. I just have to
leave the laptop for an hour and go to do something else.  Someone trying
to save a file during this scan is likely to experience slow file saves.
I've also seen Windows Update taking large amounts of RAM.  These things
are less noticeable on my Windows desktop.

Regards, Bernard

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> It's worse than the unicode text issue. Saving stacks is from my setup 7
> to 8 times slower in Windows than on a Mac, and I have tried numerous
> Windows configurations from bare metal to VMWare servers running on a
> robust host. In discussions in the past, it seems there isn't a lot
> Livecode can do about it. The issues are with Windows itself. At least that
> was the upshot of the discussions.
> Bob S
> > On Sep 3, 2021, at 06:56 , Ben Rubinstein via use-livecode <
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> >
> > I was wondering this too: when Lagi mentioned 'fix the IDE' I thought
> this might be a reference to some of a number of usabiity snags - it didn't
> occur to me that it was just speed.
> >
> > I develop on a nine-year old MacBook and have never noticed a speed
> issue with the IDE. I wonder if it's possible that the Windows IDE has been
> affected by the same issue to do with manipulating quantities of text that
> I've been talking about on the list, which Mark W has suggested might be
> fixed in a release very shortly? (Seems unlikely!) But definitely seems to
> be something platform specific.
> >
> > Lagi, if you're still able to access a 6.7 installer, could you confirm
> whether the IDE under 6.7 has the same problem on your set up? The problems
> with speed on Windows that I'm seeing came in after 6.7.
> >
> > Ben
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