LiveCode community edition is gone

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Thu Sep 2 14:18:46 EDT 2021

I can understand why there are users who feel betrayed by the company
especially with the new
pricing structure, and the discontinuance of support for the Community
version which was even
paid for in a marketing campaign in advance of it’s release.
The vast majority of the money contributed to the Kickstarter received a
commercial license in the days after the Kickstarter closed.

I've contributed to other very high profile projects, where within a year
or so of completion the vendors lost interest in the project and
discontinued it and my _installed_ copy stopped working. No answer from
customer support, the company had the money and just moved on.  No-one who
contributed to the Kickstarter received that kind of treatment from LC Ltd.

It can seem that the company keeps increasing it’s prices while taking away
functionality by
forcing users to select which specific platforms to be able to deploy to.
That seems to go against
the idea of coding once and being able to deploy to all platforms in one
affordable package.

LC deploying to 3 platforms is still cheaper now than Revolution Enterprise
was 15 years ago.

Access to the Community version is still very important as that is how many
users were first
introduced to LiveCode who then became paying customers. I believe the try
it before buying
model is still very important for helping users to make the purchase
"... who then became paying customers..." If that was true I don't think LC
Ltd would have felt the need to terminate the free offering.  There are
lots of people who have admitted that they didn't see the point in paying
for a license when the free version could do 99% of what the licensed
version could do.

The tragedy is that many people are too selfish to see the bigger picture.
I know dozens of parents who spend far more on the mobile phone contracts
for their children than the LC starter license costs.  Those parents know
they can't get a free phone for their kids so they pay up.

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