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> On Sep 2, 2021, at 01:38 , Bernard Devlin via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Over on the forum Kevin has been encouraging people to contact support with
> any issues. Some are refusing to do so, making ridiculous demands in
> response.
> Yesterday I had a look at the historical prices to see if LC was
> significantly more expensive than Metacard:
> 2001 - Metacard ($995)  [$288]
> 2005 - Revolution Enterprise (£899) [£243]
> 2021 - Livecode (3x distro platforms £720) [£1316]
> In square brackets behind each is [the price of an ounce of gold] (if
> someone's got a better comparator, they can post it e.g. crude oil, pork
> bellies, cost of an entry level Mac, etc).
> So Metacard cost 3 ounces of gold, Rev Enterprise cost 3.7 oz of gold,
> today's Livecode equivalent costs 0.54 oz of gold.  Even if one adds all 7
> of the distro platforms (3 of which certainly didn't exist in 2005), a full
> Livecode license costs just over 1oz of gold, so between 1/3rd of the price
> of 15 years ago (or as little as 1/6th the price of Metacard). Objectively
> speaking, the customer today gets so much more for so much less.  Apart
> from those who have been used to getting something for free.
> It was only this time last year I stated how amazing it was that Livecode
> manages all the complexity of producing software that runs on so many
> divergent platforms (I was navigating the version compatibilities of Xcode,
> Android Studio, MacOS, iOS, AndroidOS, Windows OS, and Livecode), not to
> mention producing two different versions of Livecode (free and
> commercial).  Something had to give.
> Regards, Bernard
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