LiveCode community edition is gone

David Bovill david.bovill at
Wed Sep 1 12:45:10 EDT 2021

I think I’ll head over there and. See if there is any will to maintain an aspect of the language as open source - I think there are a couple of options:

1. The server
2. The language with a focus on was and web

I would think that with these components open, this is in no way incompatible with a closed source development platform for mobile etc - people will still. Pay for the tools but the core of the language would be open.MModern tools make the development of the language aspect something a community can do and as it is is relatively cutting edge - something an open source community might be willing to undertake. Would need new blood I think.

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On 1 Sep 2021, 14:30 +0100, Bernard Devlin via use-livecode <use-livecode at>, wrote:
> FWIW over on the forums the sentiment seems to be mostly hostile to these
> changes. Many are talking of collecting and hosting past "community"
> installers to get around these changes by LC Ltd, others talking of jumping
> ship. Over there the attitude is "the sky is falling". I can only assume
> many of them used LC simply because it was free of charge, disliking that
> doing so in future will entail them making some contribution to the cost of
> progress.
> Regards, Bernard
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