LiveCode community edition is gone

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Wed Sep 1 12:28:27 EDT 2021

The vast majority of those who contributed to the Kickstarter were rewarded
with something other than the free product.

I suggest you go read the comments on the Forum and see who is being
harsh.  LC Ltd made a change that is within their rights to keep LC going -
some of the same people complaining about the new licensing costs are also
people who repeatedly allege "LC Ltd is financially on the ropes".  Others
are on the Forum repeatedly telling people to jump ship to alternative
tools, and were doing this for months before this licensing change was made.

I'm pretty sure most people have more money lost on unused minutes on their
mobile phone contract than it would cost to buy a license to fund LC

On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 4:47 PM Dan Brown via use-livecode <
use-livecode at> wrote:

> "I can only assume
> many of them used LC simply because it was free of charge, disliking that
> doing so in future will entail them making some contribution to the cost of
> progress."
> That's a bit harsh, are you forgetting the amount of money that was
> contributed by users to the fund raisers over the years?  > $600k

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