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Wed Sep 1 08:40:31 EDT 2021

Extending on something Bernd said, I would hope the gang will consider is
keeping portions that are built upon the engine OSS, even with a
restrictive commercial license.
Something else for all of us to remember, when LC went OSS, there was a
reason, and at least part of that was financial.
As with every time LC makes a move and the hope comes out, here's hoping
that this move will be great.

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> > There you had a group of programmers who supposedly loved what
> > HyperCard could do, but they only loved that concept as a historical
> > artefact, not as a tool available to people now.
> Abso-frogging-lutely.
> The really interesting questions are “why?"  and “Is there anything we
> could do about it?”
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