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You speak from my heart. 
I had exactly the same thoughts about a free version. And i was proven right at least here in my edged circle (i hope that is the correct expression). Whenever I suggested to people, who used the software for creating internally for their company, to support LC at least with a Community Plus subscription, I always got the same answer: Why should I buy a license when I can do everything with the free version.  :)

Although i have a lifetime Indy License, i have an "add-on" subscription to Business, although i even do not use any of the Business features at the moment. But i will keep this subscription as long as i can afford paying it.

The only thing that is really a pity with this new change is, that there is no Livecode Server Community anymore. My hope was, that the free version of Livecode Server would be installed by more and more  hosting providers in the future.
But maybe Livecode will be evaluating something, so interested hosting providers could still install Livecode Server on their hosting platforms for free.


> Am 01.09.2021 um 02:03 schrieb Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <use-livecode at>:
> I honestly never quite saw how offering a free version alongside commercial versions was going to fly. People need to eat, and if you give something away for free, people will simply not pay for it. 
> I did the free version for a couple years, mainly because what I create helps almost exclusively myself, and I do not sell anything. I am on Indy for a couple years now because I feel bad about using the software for free, and I feel like I need to contribute to the "cause", which is not purely altruistic by the way. The loss of Livecode would pretty much mean the end of my development hobby. 
> Overall I welcome this new approach. If you are using LC for free, please consider getting on a subscription, especially if you develop regularly. 
> Bob S
>> On Aug 31, 2021, at 09:16 , Mike Kerner via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I just read and watched Kevin's announcement about LC licensing.
>> The value for us in the OSS license was simply a greater level of assurance
>> that there would be longevity in the event that LC the company failed, as
>> the source was still there for someone else to pick up. I think that's how
>> MC -> RR.
>> So I am disappointed that the code will not be out in the open in the event
>> of a business failure, however, I'm also respectful of the need for more
>> revenue.
>> I will leave it to others to discuss the failure of LC to deliver x,y,z and
>> how that plays into the situation.
>> I am also not privy to a recent P/L, so I am in a bad position to opine on
>> what they should do or prioritize.
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